Car rental companies turn reminded private car rental risks

According to the economic report, after the lottery purchase policies in some cities, car rental business grow, but the embarrassment of some car rental companies but fall short of demand. Recent news that idle private car into the rental company's "replacement" sources. Insiders said that cars cannot sublease, because there is a big risk.
Because wind medium cannot purchase, and now, many people have chosen to rent a car. But the recent news that private cars affiliated car rental company in the car rental industry in Beijing is very common, idle car rental companies "substitute" source, when business is good, get two thousand or three thousand dollars a month. Reporters on the matter asked EHI company Marketing Director Zheng Zhang, he describes, there are one or two small local car rental companies will do so, because lottery purchases at the same time, rental car company auto increments will be reduced, but private car port car rental companies, the stakes are large:
Zheng Zhang: it is risky, there is great risk, the ultimate problem is the lease and if there is an accident joint and several liability between the lessee. For leasing enterprises, operating his vehicle insurance is not the same, so we will not be using private cars to do.
According to Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary General of the China Automobile Dealers Association introduced private cars to be a rental car, there is a problem difficult to solve, because it is not operating the vehicle.
Luo Lei: I think this law is not allowed. Vehicles leasing companies define it is operating a vehicle leasing company at the time of licensing, it is required to apply for a rental index, the heads of each car, of course, is the name of the company.
Zhejiang Wu Keting a lawyer also said that if cars become rental car, when an accident occurs, the insurance company's attitude will be different.
Wu Keting: If there is no corresponding documents, the private car in paid services, may be regarded as engaged in illegal operation, authorities can be punished, for consumers, who, in case of unforeseen circumstances, there may be exclusions of insurance companies.