Car rental before use to comply with several familiar situations

Brief asked to the owners of vehicles, and the car also had a big effect, particularly direct impact on traffic safety brake, so by the owners reminded to make themselves aware of the situation, so the car also had a big change in the form of.
1. get on the bus, especially directly affects the safety of brakes, steering and so on. Through the owners reminded to make yourself aware. In addition, you should also check the fuel, coolant, lubricant, brake fluid and transmission main components, and, if necessary, should also be pilot journey, to become familiar with and check the clutch, throttle, brake and engine work.
2. ascertain the location of all instruments, control; into the driver's seat, to be adjusted to suit your driving and familiar instrument, control location.
To master the instrument, control of the location, one can read the user's manual, two can get directly for advice. If the vehicle is borrowing from a friend, no user manual and can not find some kind of instrument or control location, directly to a friend for advice, in case of fumble in the driving distracted.
3. launch vehicle for hands-on times.
The road, should submit a manual several times mentioned the operation, this will not only help you remember their location, and can also check their work and more importantly you can avoid driving in the chaos.
4. start vehicle, scrutinized the instruments and warning signals.
After the previous step out, you should also be in the case of engine running, observe the operation of the instruments and warning signal device, paying particular attention to odometer and fuel gauge and engine temperature gauge, ammeter, oil pressure gauge and follow instructions. Spoils a lot of vehicles already in use warning lights replaced the instrument pointer should be carefully observed the flashing warning lights, are familiar with their location, use and work.
Aspects also have a great effect, according to the car rental industry's development, reflected the effect of changes in some form, so as to be able to achieve satisfactory results, it is a description of the situation with regard to the industry, and changes in the industry also has a certain effect. Car rental industry describe the same situation has reached such results.