China auto rental cars for the next five years exceeded 100,000 scale

Throughout the development of domestic industries in recent years, if you named the fastest growing industry, car industry definitely have one seat. The popularity of rental, as if does not give you any bedding, overnight, the streets strewn with car rental ads, followed by rental car, a new way to start into people's everyday lives and increasingly popular.
According to statistics, at present, the rental company has more than 10,000, and also at high speed. Had been unknown to the car rental industry in recent years has become the darling of capital compete in hot pursuit, which is very representative of the car rental companies are the China auto rental, this young enterprise was founded in 2007, since September last year, legend "equity plus debt" after a way to inject 1.2 billion yuan into China auto rental, completely opened up its trip to explore the myth of the car rental market. In a few short years, China auto rental vehicle size has expanded to nearly 13,000, with 47 cities across the country shop, stores more than more than 100, in addition to China auto rental also recently announced that it would spend 3 billion yuan during the year for 25000 vehicles, when the fleet will nearly 40000 units, so the pace of development has left many industry peers can match.
Judging from the car rental industry consolidation in China, even the top 10 enterprises in car rental industry, its market share is 11%, the top 5 only 8%, so in the car rental industry, rental car companies or to scale to win. President of China auto rental has noted that: "now is the critical point of the car rental industry before the outbreak of the next contest is to see who can expand faster in terms of size. "On the expansion of, China auto rental tirelessly and, more recently, to buy Beijing North Star car rental companies for tens of millions of Yuan. This is the second time China auto rental six large amount of events, Lu Zhengyao superb ambitions: "the acquired businesses to expand the scale of production, market share, access to resources and increase market competitiveness, one of the most important means of acquiring North Star leasing would significantly enhance comprehensive competitiveness of China auto rental in Beijing area. "
Dang has reporter asked car rental industry future of five years will is how a scale Shi, Lu Zhengyao admits himself does not recognized industry general forecast of "future five years within rental car scale will reached 500,000 Taiwan around" of claims, in he seems, China car rental of target is hope in future five years vehicles scale breakthrough 100,000 car above, and he hope this number can accounted for to whole industry 20%-30% of proportion.