Not a car rental company

Auto purchase orders, higher parking fees, thorough investigation of drunken driving ... ... Of implementing a series of policies not only car dealers suffer never winter, consumers ' car had a slight change of the idea. As more and more consumers join to rent the camp, the capital's car rental market ushered in the spring, investment agencies, rental car companies are targeting this market with huge potential.
However, although the xieguo capital of China, Hi, car rental companies are already layout, but car ownership in United States car rental companies hundreds of thousands of vehicles the size of gap, also there was a huge gap in the market: Network sign rental company. Easy to use network ("network") CEO travel across so begins his story.
"Domestic car rental industry is bad"
"From me to all employees of the company, have never done car rental, is IT man. "Travel across said. With more than 10 years experience in travel across, has founded companies in the IT field, but stepped into the car in for the first time. Is rush into a new realm, but he was confident that because he was in the United States experience.
"The United States car market size is 5 million vehicles, larger leased company car ownership in hundreds of thousands of vehicles, but most rental companies are small and medium size industrial concentration is very low. "Aircraft observed the week compared United States mature operation models, while more than 6,000 domestic car rental company, but only 40,000 cars rental vehicles, including 80% company operating vehicles less than 50 units, 70% of companies with fewer than 5 full-time employees.
"Domestic car rental industry is miserable, I know some old driver of small-car rental, work more than 10 hours a day, but still earn meager, because where is it? "Travel across view that traditional car rental business is highly competitive, and efficient utilization of resources is low, about 10 years ago the Internet, this is a painful thing, but it is also a rare opportunity.
It seems to travel across domestic car rental industry still has much room for growth, which is why he founded "used car network" 's original intention, but he does not want to solve in a traditional way, instead of using "no car, no store" as a new model.
Half a year attract 40 companies to join
To outsiders, travel across the first core business suffered the problem is, how to attract traditional car rental companies to join. But travel across said, "in fact, it's not that hard, car rental companies are very welcome in our model. "
"Traditional car rental companies are hoping to use more effective methods, released during idle time. And practices and other traditional businesses without any conflict, we just provide a new source of business for them, why not? "Travel across introduction, by giving each driver signing issue a Terminal, they can in due course the status of drivers and reasonable allocation of vehicles and tasks.
"When their own business, can be set to busy, not accept our order. "Use network" according to statistical data, by working with traditional car rental companies, integrated use of idle car source, partners from using enhanced by 20%.
Cooperation patterns innovation greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of car rental companies. Opened six months later, there are over 40 car rental companies in Beijing and "used car network" signed an agreement, vehicle deployment around 1000. By May of this year, and "used car network" cooperation of car rental companies increased to 60, number of vehicle deployment is over 1 time. With the rise in parking fees, thorough investigation of drunken driving, such as policy implementation, more car rental companies saw business opportunities, join the cooperation. Travel across were not appeased, he is expected to be deployed by the end of vehicle number will exceed 10,000 vehicles.
"A one-hour door-to-door service"
Because most leasing companies are not signing up with used car network, which belongs to the "5 persons, 50 cars," small and medium enterprises. Uneven level of vehicle equipment and services, and how to ensure the best service quality, is airlines need to address the second question of the week.
"By our proximity to shunting of smart technologies, Basic you can do an hour take a cab. "In order to resolve service issues, travel across and his technical team to develop a set of technical systems, can remote control drivers can provide standard services.
"We will ask the drivers arrived at the designated location 15 minutes earlier, after the customer, we will use GPS to make the positioning, to download the package to the remote terminal, optimized route based on traffic flow, the drivers to select the best route. "Travel across said.
Meanwhile, each vehicle must be equipped with mineral water, paper towels and an umbrella. However, taking into account the differences of each driver's experience, emotions, travel across stressed that "we grasp the key indicators of impact customer experience 80%. "
"300 Audi free airport shuttle"
"We are dealing with driver, one hour minimum service models focused on Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, car minimum distribution of Santana 3000. "Travel across, they price of 120 Yuan per hour to 360 Yuan, is currently the General model for traditional car rental companies the cost of one day, and beyond the 15 minutes will also add additional fees.
This, associated with the week BA's market position. According to his survey, Beijing taxi taxi crowd, some 200,000 high-end business people, can be increased to 3 million people nationwide, "China is in the era of consumer upgrade, (rent a car) car and (rent a car) the driver itself to meet the two different markets, we want to pay for more people. "Travel across, said not many buses are many large enterprises, the basic rental, this is a tens of billions of market each year.
As with all do IT-turned-entrepreneur, travel across the body there. During the Spring Festival, in order to promote their new car models, on his Twitter launched an unprecedented "300 Audi free airport shuttle" activities, triggering a nearly thousand-strong crowd, comments.
A month ago, used car network at around the 100 single orders every day, has now exceeded 200. Parking fees rising business travel habits change, used car network direct cause of the surge in orders. Used car network on this laments, "now received a call from a couple acquaintances every day asking how to conduct business, network rental awareness has greatly improved. "
Morning news reporter Zhuo Liu
Reporter's notes
Car sharing-era reverie
At present, the traditional domestic car rental industry: the "leader" China auto rental, EHI through car, shop, Rodeo mode, scale effects, enhance the barriers to entry of latecomers, but travel across has always maintained that in the Internet age, it seems too heavy.
"Private 90% of time is suspended. "It seems to travel across," car moving resource, stop is a burden. "He was more appreciated model, by means of information on mobile terminal of vehicle control.
"Users need to install suite of intelligent software in the mobile phone, it will automatically render can call around the position of the vehicle. "Travel across," said after the reservation, the system automatically from a bound charge to a credit card, and delivery of electronic keys, then stopped at a nearby public car park, near the next user can drive away. "
"In the future may not have car rental companies in the traditional sense, instead of scattered in all corners of the city, private resources. "Travel across," says car sharing to strangers while their stay at imagination stage, has raised the prospect of car-sharing era reverie. "
"Used car network" going online "smart car sharing service", it is easy to see week hang is for "car-sharing information service platform" this ultimate goal.