What are the considerations for new car rental

If a novice, during the Chinese new year car rental, rent a car Note:
1. the earlier Chinese new year car rental reservation. Insiders pointed out that early reservations about concerns, determine the time period of your car as soon as possible and the car; orders in advance reservations, today to avoid tomorrow car reservations. In addition, according to our own rental car use, programming, if you rent a car to go home, and best friend, fellow car rental with cost-sharing, if you rent a car to travel, the final choice of tourist destination has a chain of car rental companies (such as express car rental) to facilitate the car; most important, look out for cars when the final acceptance of the delivery, specify the powers and responsibilities of both parties.
2. to become a member. Shanghai car rental Express, green card can do ordinary membership and nobility. Members can generally be exempt from deposit, also won a number of concessions services, including rental, free home delivery, rewards, etc.
3. use a credit card. Most car rental companies accept credit cards, credit card holders are more likely to rent a car, car rental formalities easier
4. car of the season must be booked in advance. Check online or call an automobile leasing company for car models, car, to determine whether it for their own needs. All regular car rental offers a free booking service, cancel the reservation is usually not cost.
5. the acceptance of the transfer of vehicles. When you pick up the car you can visually inspect the vehicle, if the body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal, and then open the hood and check coolant, oil, battery status. And check the health of your gas gauge, brakes, air conditioning, and a test drive, judging the basic condition of the vehicle. In addition, be sure to check vehicle documents are complete, in particular, to examine the vehicle should buy insurance.