The Dragon Boat Festival holiday rent a car car rental travel boom to be trapped

Traps: hide in
[Case] Tomb Sweeping Festival holiday, Mr du is returning to visit his parents in Yueyang, also take vacations and family to the suburbs for an outing, so renting a car at a car rental company. Mr du was unexpected, the car along the fault, and back and forth all stumbling.
[Consumer reminded] because of the higher car rental cost, some rental companies to reduce car maintenance links. "Especially at the peak of holiday car hire, vehicle uses high frequency, conceal the condition is not uncommon. "The car should look closely at the car, especially operating systems, braking systems, is sensitive, lamp is complete. I took my way, it is best to test drive.
Pitfall II: worrying health
[Case] just a license Ms WONG and not to buy a car, intends to rent a car with baby back home some time ago, rental car body wash very glamorous, "but car smell the smell, I dare not." Madam WONG to worry about children, had to take the bus.
[Consumer reminded] rental car in the hands of different car rental transfer, bacteria easily retained sets, air conditioning air outlet position. Due to the lack of industry standards, a number of leasing companies to ignore the necessary disinfection measures, leading rental car became the source of the disease. Car rental best view the leasing company's clean record, can also make a car interior cleaning.
Pitfall three: temporary transfer
[Case] Mr Qin, opened a small business, startup do not have to buy a car. 51 this year, Mr Qin asked a customer to visit Hunan, deliberately rented a luxury car. But for my car that day, he is the new Audi car but temporary is replaced by an old Honda.
[Consumer reminded] many of the luxury car rental company is private car port so that leasing companies were seemingly strong source, is very prone to errors due to various reasons. And according to the provisions of insurance companies, private vehicles operating accidents are not compensable. Car rental contract terms shall be stated to write fine, it is best to allow businesses to produce policy and check the contents of the insured are not "action".
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Dial 96333 help you get assured the car
Washington (by Peng Fang) evening news service Alliance launched a car rental service for the convenience, public through our hotline 96333 and can facilitate the understanding, booking car rental services. Evening news convenience services shangtianyi car rental company commitment, during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday period, completed three days of car rental, rent a car at the price charged, not price all vehicles of the company a one-wash, ensuring both inside and outside the compartment clean all vehicle insurance is complete. In front of the car rental section of the increasingly hot, if requirements are advised to book in advance to ensure that wanted to rent one, have a happy holiday.