Rule blocking new deal fire car rental

On January 26, Beijing "rule blocking orders" after the first round of lottery is about to begin, and in less than a month ago, since Beijing car indicators application website, rule blocking new deal ignited prairie fire across all districts of the capital. This reporter has learned, because the car was restrained before the Spring Festival, Beijing car rental travel began to be sought after, the car rental company's competition is full of gunpowder.
This reporter has learned so far in January 2011, 17 indicators in the application window, Beijing has received more than 210,000 applicants for an avalanche of car, almost everyone is worried his luck in a few minutes. For them, complicated procedures and a long wait is not a problem, the key lies in whether the wave of lottery under the impact of achieving his dream car.
According to the road conditions, traffic jam in Beijing set a index. Li Xiaosong, spokesman of the Beijing traffic authority has revealed that in January 2011, the Beijing daily rush hour traffic jams from 2010 on average 8.32 (severe congestion) more rapid decline for the current 6 (moderate congestion).
New deal a little power at the same time, buyers "in the history of the most restrictive rule blocking scheme" Digest is still quite tough: Beijing residents commute, the Fort at least 2 hours in the crowded subway, having to suffer less, he had planned to buy a car this year, did not expect the plan change. In the six major programmes of the Government, restrict them into town also makes some non-Beijing car owners and people who came to Beijing on business didn't have direction.
However, while Beijing auto market is seeing "glimmers of hope", but some has confirmed that buyers face a new problem record, according to the provisions of the Beijing, adopted at the end of 2010 to confirm for the record buyers must go licence until March 31, 2011, or you will be disqualified, and can provide time to buy at favorable prices to car buyers desire.
For, car commentator Jia xinguang accept international financial reported reporter interview Shi said, part through audit of car who in this two months in must will buy car, like young buy married room as is rigid needs, dealer to himself of interests must not willing to price sales, zhiqian get wind of some dealer in new deal introduced Qian from manufacturers there into has large car, hope in this last of dinner in the big earned a pen, but if car who not to the shop buy car or shake, buy car, Hoarding a lot of vehicle dealers will then face inventory backlog, the end result depends on the buyer and game between dealers, overstocking dealers could give first-time buyers last year some concessions.
50 percent every day, special vehicles, ride ... ... Rule blocking new deal after the first Spring Festival in Beijing, China, Hi and other car rental companies fight promotion war. Found during in an interview with reporters, many car rental companies have started the vehicle source in an emergency, and immediate "cake", who did not want to miss. This reporter has learned, under the influence of the new deal, the car rental market in Beijing "" unusually hot, but other than buying a new car, some companies are hanging from a field mobilization vehicles with Beijing license, such as capital auto lease on the mobilization of the 200 licensed vehicles in Beijing, Tianjin, for the capital needs of the field. Moreover, the head of some car rental companies also told reporters that some smaller car rental companies are hiring private car licences in Beijing to join in order to seize the opportunity.
If the Spring Festival is a traditional car rental peak, intense competition is inevitable, then, that Beijing rule blocking policy introduced, no doubt to have hot oil had doused the car rental market. Rule blocking new deal stipulates that hung had foreign license plates of vehicles during rush hour in Beijing, which creates new opportunities for car rental companies in Beijing.
In the view of Zhang, President of EHI, "rent a car alternative to buying a car" on the one hand reduces the rate of private car ownership, on the other hand, car rental travelers tend to be more rationally used time to avoid irrational situations like a weekend jam made from cars. "In addition, the rental car industry is likely to be to build platform for car-sharing mechanisms and ease the pressure on urban traffic. "According to the introduction, EHI transplant United States the success of Zipcar model, providing" offsite access "," city delivery vehicle "and" airport shuttle "service, and through the Web site, QQ, MSN, mobile phone WAP even Taobao channel reservation. In addition, judging from the situation, most cities in many developed countries, the total number of car rentals has more than taxi. And rental vehicle utilization ratio is extremely high, 4 to 10 times times the average social vehicles.

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