United States largest car rental site Zipcar: the traditional car rental industry changer

Zipcar is based on "car-sharing" for the idea of the United States largest online car rental company, with its headquarters in Massachusetts, the company opened up 18 in the IPO on NASDAQ on April 15, soaring price of us $ 66.7% to us $ 30, for a company in 2010 net loss of $ 14 million, and homogenization of traditional car rental industry rife with competitors, this is pretty amazing gains. That which is the Zipcar's unique highly sought after on Wall Street? How to subvert their own concept of owning a private car and rise quickly in the traditional car rental industry? Based mainly on Zipcar to the SEC FORM S-1 files and the network has kept on the operation mode and the reasons for the rapid rise of a resolution.
, Zipcar born Europeans advocating "car sharing"
Back in the late 90, some environmentally conscious European companies launched a similar programme, they did not consider it necessary for all cars, or to the environment is a huge disaster. In order to improve the efficiency of cars, their advocacy through financial means to achieve a number of consumers using the same car.
Under the inspiration of this line of thinking, year two dedicated environmental protection in the United States founded Zipcar, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founder one of luobin·caisi (Robin Chase) do has many perfect of based work, she not only set "Zipcar" this name, proposed simple easy remember of slogan--"you side of wheels" (wheels when you want them), also in Boston, and New York and Washington formed has team, and design out simple of car rental process--completely network operation, without counter handle, more without someone help.
Second, operation mode analysis of
1) car rental easier
Zipcar in the ad is humorous banter: "350 hours of sex in a year, it takes 420 hours to find parking spaces, what went wrong? "In a very interesting way of depicting modern high in the social costs of car ownership, but compared to cumbersome methods of traditional car rental, I believe more people would still choose to have a car. How Zipcar is the reversal of the traditional car rental business, rent a simple pleasures of life?
Zipcar's business model is very simple and clear, when customers join Zipcar for the first time have to pay a $ 25 application fee (credit card information is required), and then 3-7 work later Zipcar membership will give you a very important.
Zipcar of car usually Park in residents compared concentrated of area, dang members need with car Shi, can directly Shang Zipcar of website or through phone search need of that paragraph time within has which car available, website on will according to car and members location of distance, through electronic map arranged out can rental of vehicles of basic situation and price, members can according to itself travel of features select car of production manufacturers, model even color for appointment,. Time of appointment after appointment to the seat of the car (Zipcar members usually referred to in the S-1 file just 5-10 minutes), with membership can open/lock the door (magnetic induction, no appointment was unable to open the car), and then drive away. After use in the appointment time will drive back to the original place, with membership card locked and leave.
By contrast, including Hertz and Avis and other rental services is much more complicated, and pick up the car the car most of the links are inseparable from human services, time consuming on average several times that of ZipCar. Zipcar car rental not only reduced costs in human service and self consumption model will also allow consumers to have a high degree of autonomy, and quickly became popular. But Zipcar has a competent, dedicated to streamlining the process, try to science and technology system to replace manual, allow members to spend less and less time in the car rental, and the company's costs will be lower and lower.
2) lower costs and more
Plan if Zipcar can basically be divided into two very common car can choose to value-for-money scheme, value-for-money plans do not need to pay an annual fee, but promised the minimum amount each month, $ 50, $ 75, $ 125 or 250 four-shift. The lowest higher-spending, lower the hourly and daily rates. If the minimum consumption of the month has not been used up, spending $ 75 per month for three advance payments can be deferred to the next month. If you do not need to use the car, you can choose $ 50 annual fee.
United States University of Alabama area rent a Zipcar car Toyota Prius, for example, $ 8 an hour, rental full day US $ 66 (compared with us $ 9 and $ 72 on the weekend). Launched in 2009 Zipcar "overnight program" service, Monday to Thursday between 6 o'clock in the evening until 8:30 the next morning member to reserve a vehicle at half of the daily rental fee. Zip's official website displays the price does not include taxes, but including fuel, maintenance, insurance and parking fees (a refuel card on my car, no oil can find gas stations that refuel card), and when vehicles after a trip of more than 180 miles in a single day, the system will automatically record and cost extra.
Zhengzhou rental cars at that price relative to private car owners, there is nothing, and free maintenance and a series of troubles, Zipcar in the S-1 file to invoke Frost & Sullivan said "car sharing" 70% vehicle maintenance costs savings for members. Zipcar provides a convenient, cost effective, enjoyable car life, is very popular with young people.
3) more convenient to pay
Zipcar pays very convenient when members run out of the car, the company immediately via the Internet send electronic bills, by the Member's credit card to pay the costs, if speeding violations occurred during the rental period, when Zipcar will receive a ticket, again sent to members the second e-billing, also paid for by credit card. In this way, automatically remit account all fees from credit cards, fast and easy.
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