Rent to buy, to save money more peace of mind

people's consumption in developed countries has been very mature, has an all-round knowledge of car rental car rental benefits have been widely accepted, but most think that buying a car is worth in China that they buy the car, assets are, psychologically satisfying. Yet with careful accounts you will find that buying a car is far better than car rental, rental car either on the unit or the individual has an absolute advantage.
Current status of people often switch phones can anticipate a few years later, often for new cars, are the latest fashion. In Europe and the United States, an average of 8 months to replace a vehicle. If you spend more than 300,000 yuan to purchase a Buick sedan, performance, appearance of the car improved a lot after one year, while the price will decline. If you want to get a new car, old car probably is hard to sell 150,000 yuan. This means price in loss of nearly 200,000 yuan a year. But if you are leasing a Buick car, cost more than 100,000 yuan, and the latest models can be replaced at any time.
Purchase vehicles for vehicle repairs and maintenance and annual vehicle inspection to spend a lot of money and energy. But if you rent a car, there is no trouble, both vehicles for maintenance or other reasons, when the vehicle in normal use, the leasing company will promptly provide replacement vehicles, and keep your car.
Since the purchase of vehicles will certainly result in increase in the fixed assets, increased borrowing, liquidity decrease the adverse financial situation. Rental vehicle will be effective in avoiding these risks. You purchase the vehicle you want to lump-sum payments of 300,000 yuan, but if you're putting so much investment funds buying, so you must have a high level of management capacity. Say you rent a car and car can save at least a one-time investment of 200,000 yuan. You use the 200,000 yuan to operate, and can generate a substantial profit.
Driving purchases the vehicle in the event of accidents, will be negotiating with the insurance company, if the owners are not familiar with report claims processing, and tend to waste a lot of time and money. As vehicle management professional rental companies normally have good relations of cooperation with insurance companies. In the processing of claims, it must have a significant advantage.
To sum up, leasing cars than purchases the vehicle, there are many advantages, and car lease companies share vehicle costs, months supply, petrol, oil change fees, maintenance fees, parking fees and insurance premiums, and so don't have to worry about, saving a lot of fees. In addition, car hire rentals also offers personalized choices: move to be leased a truck; go out when you can rent an environmentally-friendly small hybrid car; a short trip, you can also rent a convertible for a ride.
But these advantage in domestic many people awareness not to, people consumption concept also need a time of change, but has obviously of trend can see car rental this industries are to amazing of speed in development, car rental has gradually was market recognized and accept, with large capital settled domestic the big car rental business, to China car rental for representative of car rental industry has more specification and in place, car rental this star "Chaoyang" is slowly rises.