Car rental Guide
Official said, as a relatively new industry, car rental is primarily for the convenience of people in need of, basic principles of good faith on both sides is the process of leasing and similar things in the past, should increase to the tenant's credit review, integrity auditing is a new subject, is also an urgent need to fill a blank spot, is essential for the healthy development of the industry.
Huzhou integrity car rental company Manager, Li Feng described the whole thing from a to z. Last year September 12, tenant people Sun a came to the company requirements loan a car Buick excelle car 1 months, previously Sun a in VIP money a of accompanied Xia had times to the company handle guarantees car rental, although individual times has arrears rent of behavior, but eventually are is paid rent and vehicles is security returned of, so, this once, company in registration has related documents Hou, will car rent to has Sun a. But Li Feng didn't think was over leases nearly half a month later, the car is not returned, contacted by telephone, Sun, huzhou city, he is not in delay on the need to extend the lease.
Then, simply calls can't get through. Li Feng once again check the register found that rent a car provides the document was forged. "We are at the end of last year to the development zone police station Phoenix police station to report a case. "Li Feng said, thought it was just car rental does not, but things are not so easy to imagine. Later, the company received a call from a number does not appear, 34,000 foreclosure request by telephone company car, but refuse to tell the name of the contact, this is how it goes?
In the days that followed, by pulling the phone records, Li Feng and company found the phone from Suzhou. According to the understanding, Li Feng, who learned that, Sun had a rented vehicle as collateral for others in Exchange for 30,000 yuan in cash. "We reported this case to the public security Department, to get the clues will the vehicle recovery as soon as possible. "
Is responsible for the case of handling police Yu officers told, received Li Feng, people of reported and related phone clues Hou, police Qian paragraph time has rushed to the Suzhou survey, found has to Li Feng call of people, the people in Suzhou open has used cars rental company, other also clear said, car does in he there, hand Shang also has Sun a mortgage borrow Shi of ious, Sun a has been didn't to foreclosure car, himself also suffered economic Shang of loss, but due to Sun a has been didn't can found, huzhou police according to related legal provides and existing evidence, Can't directly back to the car.
Yu said, according to the current progress of the case, Sun will make every effort to be found by the police on the one hand to justice, on the other hand suggested integrity car rental company through the legal process, apply to the Court, obtain relevant evidence, as the court procedures will be recovered vehicles, police can cooperate actively in accordance with the relevant provisions in the process.