Car rental Guide
In contrast, car rental in China is still in its infancy--on August 1, 1989 the first car rental company--Beijing city car hire car rental branch started, which is 20 years. The industry can provide a total of about 40,000 vehicles rental vehicles, but it has already reached the 3,000 or so.
Macro-economic slump will naturally have a climax, but the root causes of restricting the development of the car rental industry's largest, not the economic cycle, but "black", "half a bus for rent" China "souvenirs". It is because of this exotic car rental industry in China not agreeing with, so much so that after 20 years of development, remain insignificant in the huge auto industry chain in China in a small supporting role.
Long term rent short term rental, new and old models of
In addition to taxis and car rental "internal strife", car rental companies, still exist between old and new models of "right-hand man beats each other."
Due to the late formation of China's car market, China's traditional car rental company for a long time was dominated by corporate business long term rent in recent years involved in the rental market. At present, most of the car rental company, regardless of local capital auto lease, Guangzhou, is still widely used in Avis, or copy foreign mode of China auto rental, rent run length is, to the long-term lease to guarantee survival, short term rental, only extreme individual short term rental.
At the international level, car rental market longer rental, short term two big business but did not cross. Such as the world famous auto leasing company ALD short-term rental business it sold to Hertz, which specializes in long-stay business; Hertz is not involved in the long-stay business.
Long term rent properties, closer to the category of financial leasing, operating leasing, should ultimately belong to the equipment leasing category. Because of the relationship between car leasing and car manufacturers more closely, in a foreign country, is often carried out by auto finance companies rather than by the car rental company for this service. Business long term rent takes up a large amount of money, and national car rental companies generally small-scale, absence of sufficient financial strength, length of mixed rental and even dominated by long-stay, will result in a capital recovery rate is low, the consequences of rolling without power, which is currently small and scattered in China's car rental industry is one of the main reasons.
"Half bus rentals" make rental embarrassing
Car rental industry, between the taxi and car rental, there are contradictions. In China, more than 10 years Qian taxi driver also is a was jealous of hot paid, and technology career, Shanghai of rental driver old Zhang to author memories he of that paragraph "happiness time" Shi said, open with Santana or small xiali, one months can earned to more than 3,000 more Yuan, at absolute is worth senior white-collar of income; at taxi started price had up to 14.4 Yuan, and with period people thousand Yuan around of months income compared, absolute is a luxury.
However, due to China's taxi "half bus" of the increasing number of taxis all over the 10 years, the price is low. Beijing of taxi number development to 66,000 car, Shanghai also in 60,000 car around, and taxi fee, even in most your of Shenzhen, started price also but 12.5 Yuan, 3 km Hou each km is 2.4 Yuan; in Shanghai, years yihou, started fee not rose anti-drop, although in oil high of last year has raised, but started fee also but increased to 11 Yuan, 3 km Hou each km 2.1 Yuan; mainland small city on more cheap has, as Changsha, started price only 3 Yuan (1 km within), 1 km Hou 1.8 Yuan. In some third-tier cities, nearly 10 Yuan will be able to ride a taxi to travel all over town.
In other countries, car rental and taxis cost gap between very large, so more than 1 hour's drive, car rental have a price advantage. As in New York, day car rental of costs of minimum costs also just 40 dollars around, limit mileage number about for 150-200 km; in United Kingdom, day of minimum rent about for 29 pounds, limit mileage number about for 60 miles (96 km), Japan slightly your some, but most cheap of VITZ day of rent also only 23000 Yen around, only equivalent to General workers two days of wage. But if you want to take a taxi, New York Taxi starting fare is US $ 2.5 (only 1/5 miles, or about 320 metres), which is 40 cents per 1/5 miles, each waiting for a is 40 cents a minute, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon until 8 o'clock peak surcharge would add $ 1; in London, Starting price is 2.2 pounds, 2 miles price of 6.2-8.8 pounds, peak surcharge of £ 3; Tokyo is the most expensive place, starting prices for 720 yen per 274 meters after two kilometers was increased to 80 yen, car rental costs just enough to sit on more than half an hour a day.
However, China's national conditions so you cannot artificially driving up the trading prices of taxi, in Exchange for my car rental space right now! Therefore, even if the population has a driver's license in China in recent years has exceeded 100 million, car rental market is still no improvement, can only rely on the small business people to jump the "minuet". Coupled with the impact of the economic crisis, even if it is in the first 2 years of rapid expansion of the Supreme, its Chairman He Weijun only reluctantly told the author that, pace will be revised in 2009, tiller, focused ligong business people.
Each black, food cake
Black cars in China, has been the absence of an authoritative and accurate statistics, but it is estimated that 72,000 cars only Beijing, black cars, more than 66,000 of the regular taxi. In yongdeng, regulars only 274, black and rose to 500 units.
Black network is to provide more living space. Baixingwang Shanghai station, we can see, car rental (personal) column, provided the vehicle has more than 30 vehicles, from cars to commercial vehicles, ranging from luxury cars to micro, but also claimed that "qualification of business records, service prices, complete service evaluation system", its price is very attractive, basically only the regular price 2/3 car rental company.
A bad economy, job losses, has also led to an increasing number of private car owners began to play black business idea, the car rental market, whether taxi or car rental, has caused a great deal of influence.
Another hidden "black" is a "private public". We will have a lot of friends who drive private cars can get a part or even full car stickers from the unit, to compensate them for private corporate use, and these stickers is obviously not pure subsidy to "public", public-private partnerships is a widespread problem. These "free" private cars will no doubt without a trace encroached on part of the original belongs to a taxi or car rental market.
In this case, whether steam or car rental company is extreme, only the main selling point of off-site car rental as a business, because local, be able to have the spending power and consumption-conscious people, cars have been able to meet their needs. The current "Blue Ocean" seems only offsite, and of course, this "Blue Ocean" soon is not blue.