Car rental Guide
Car rental contract fraud-prone in recent years, criminal modus operandi are diversifying. Fraud tools new tricks, cheat more.
, To offer car rental services in the name of fraud to join vehicles. Criminals under the guise of offering car rental services to defraud private car owners to join and criminals to affiliated business get in the way of private car owners car as collateral loan.
Second, car rental cars for mortgage fraud. Criminals after leasing a car from a car rental service, using the car as collateral, fooled a car from another car rental service for debt.
Third, the "after first gentleman villain" means vehicle of fraud. Criminals long term car rental service vehicles on loan, abide by the contract, and at some point and then rent a limousine to service debts.
In view of this, Police advise owners of car rental in their operations to enhance awareness, fraudsters are new tools, to take effective measures to nip:
1, improving the internal management system. Car rental companies should improve management, scientific management system, standard rental procedures, enhanced staff training, improving risk prevention capability.
2, to strengthen the advance study. Before signing the rental contract, must go through a variety of channels to customers status, economic situation, creditworthiness, rental car uses a comprehensive investigation and detailed registration, carefully identify the authenticity of the information, not simply customers of documents such as ID cards, account of the taxi.
3, the establishment of effective security. At the time of signing the rental contract, rental company may require it and especially to the lessee to provide a local sponsor, bonds, property, mortgages, guarantees, and minimize risk.