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Recently, the Beijing economic information center of the recent oil price tendency in China and the municipality's impact report, suggested Beijing taxis start at one Yuan. Report: recent price adjustment was significantly affected by Beijing public transport, taxi industry, public transport month incremental 827,000, incremental taxi adjusted twice in recent months, 400 Yuan (see March 17, 2011 Beijing News).
Passengers head full of question marks didn't ask, on the proposal of the "CPI", "Deutsche Bank's research", and no interest, taxi passengers are of greatest concern, taxi company's internal operational information as soon as possible, please don't hide all come out, without reserve, must be "plate" is out! Truth is objective, Beijing has 66,600 taxi, taxi 400 million last year, the city subsidy. According to this calculation, every taxi oil still enjoy no less than 500 Yuan a month to date again. Accordingly, the taxi "incremental costs 400 Yuan a month," How do data calculated?
Women and children are all well known--taxi company was a "return on investment the best enterprise in the world"! Oil price adjustments and will launch "joint mechanism", when "corporate exploitation" adjustments in oil prices squeeze profits of taxi companies bear the cost of how much higher oil prices? Is it possible that these internal operational information is a State secret and a taxi? '
Taxi passengers and taxi are directly at stake, why can't the proposed price of taxi passengers to the fact that reason to the table up? You should take out taxi company's internal operational data? Because these passengers who have also deprived of the right to know!
Justification according to the law, the internal operation of the taxi information and operation status – should be made public to the whole society, because such is the duties and responsibilities of taxi companies have, but passengers must clearly and plainly has a right. Taxi companies of all business information is not a State secret; the second is not my personal privacy, why not let everyone break take a look, take a look at it?
Taxi company and taxi passengers of legal status equal, please first don't busy with recommends "improve started price 1 Yuan", current most urgent of things is must public taxi company of internal operation information, and operation status and the cost constitute, not put these one by one announced out, on one or two again, and again two or three to for profiteering company often to "voice grievances", and continue to "proposed himself of views", and endless to recommends, and advocates added 1 Yuan, and again added 1 Yuan......, no related premise data projections out of " Taxi industry affected significantly "deductions who can believe it?
My "Angel", or let us take a look at it, how else to prove your innocence? Do not open the book is out, how can deny that "elements" of no fake ingredients in it? Do not open the book take a look at, how can we define says taxi companies have assumed the cost after fuel price adjustment? Taxi profiteering companies hefty "elements" of money why is drop down?
For Beijing rule blocking enables the smooth flow of traffic, make more wide roads for taxi can greatly increase the passenger occupancy rate, taxis run to the self-evident not subject to relevant restrictions can be a lot of things. "Recommended" how good passenger of taxis have this environment is not a word on ignore? Missing relevant data issued recommendations "improve the starting price of 1 Yuan" is "not found"! In addition to government subsidies, suggested that costs are rising oil prices are "recommendations" on the people, "suggest" why not reduce profiteering Corporation "elements" of sound money