Car rental Guide

recently, Tencent auto channel and sinotrust international information consulting (Beijing) limited jointly launched a "do you select? "Online survey showed, 56% respondents car rental is for a holiday break. Along with the rapid development of the automobile market and mature, the automotive services industry is being born alive. Car rental in the surge of the self-driving craze with its flexible and convenient features, is becoming more and more consumers preferred holiday travel.
Over more than 15,000 respondents of the survey, in which respondents aged 18~30sui 66.2%, 47.9% per cent of the respondents have the car rental experience.
Survey shows that in recent years, "self-driving economy" drive car rental industry has matured, it is learned that car rentals especially popular during the holidays, every "51", "11" and other tourist season, some car rental companies and even appeared "difficult to get a car" situation. Rent a car mainly for holiday travel, work, experience life, emergency needs, practice driving skills, understand the vehicle performance. 7,417 car rental experiences involved in the survey respondents, for holiday travel and car rental the respondents accounted for 56%, it seems, self-driving tour boom stimulating effect on car rental market is growing.
Leasing concern
Because most of the rental cars are due to meet the individual needs of users and car rental, it will naturally be more sensitive to price higher. Survey results show that when choosing a car rental company, most of the respondents were most concerned about "rental fees", in addition, to rent the vehicle brand, rental vehicle models of diversity, outlets of convenience, renewal of vehicles around the convenience of the consumer's choice of car rental companies.
40% of the respondents hope that the daily cost at 200 Yuan, small cars are preferred. But the findings show that most rental car costs about 300 yuan a day, daily rent of 43.8% per cent of the respondents want to deliver less than 200 Yuan. 43.8% of respondents also hope that rental costs 200 Yuan a day, 39.4% who want to 200~300 yuan.
Economical cars popular
Due to the meet the needs of private car rental users account for most of the overall market, combined with rising fuel prices, so when drivers choose cars, economical small cars are the preferred and practical selection of compact cars have higher rates.
Car will generally choose the model focuses on the Honda, Suzuki, and Volkswagen, POLO and other small cars, Hyundai Elantra, Suzuki Tianyu, compact cars such as Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Passat, Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Camry mid-size sedan and the Honda CR-v, Toyota SUV such as Rand Lu Ze on.
The survey, for the respondents, car rental most immediate advantage is that it can reduce the cost of maintaining a car, followed by the convenience of long distance travel. In addition, in the view of the respondents, after buying the car for vehicle repairs and maintenance and vehicle inspection costs a lot of money and energy. If renting, these problems can be resolved by the leasing company, and cars may at any time adjust as needed, update the main factors most respondents favored car rental. Among them, the 47.5% consider car rental can reduce the cost of maintaining a car. 45.5% respondents considered to be convenient for long-distance travel. 39.4% said can be removed from the vehicle maintenance and inspection problems.
The survey, there were 8,078 respondents no car rental experience, 61.5% of respondents do not rent a car because rents is the major cause, and secondly because the cumbersome and does not guarantee the condition.
Brand lease respected
It is understood that in September this year, legend "equity + debt" ways to inject 1.2 billion yuan into China auto rental. Shortly thereafter, China auto rental overall rental prices 30%~50%. EHI recently completed a second round of financing, a number of venture capital firms invested nearly 600 million Yuan. Shanghai qiangsheng holding company also acquired major shareholder injection of 1.7 billion yuan. Capital high March, greatly improving the market concentration in the car rental industry, promoted the car rental market and integration, brand fired the car rental industry.
"Have you ever heard of or contact the car rental company which? "Found in the replies to the questions," China auto rental "overwhelmingly become the well-known brand car rental companies. In addition, consumers EHI, easy to rent a car, extreme car rentals, auto leasing and other brands also familiar. Visible, has a sophisticated brand and size convenient outlets are supporting the driver of the car rental company to flourish.