Car rental Guide
Although most people think that buying a car is more cost-effective, satisfying. But careful accounting will find that buying a car is far better than car rental. Rental car either on the unit or the individual has advantages:
First, the vehicle may at any time update
If you are leasing a Buick car, cost more than 100,000 yuan. Moreover, the latest models can be rented at any time. People often change their mobile phones from the current situation can expect a few years later, often for new cars, are the latest fashion.
Two, lift maintenance, inspection troubles
If rental cars, there is no annual vehicle inspection and repair and maintenance of the vehicle, both vehicles for maintenance or other reasons, when the vehicle in normal use, the leasing company will promptly provide replacement vehicles to ensure your car.
Three, will ensure you a good financial position
Since the purchase of vehicles will certainly result in increase in the fixed assets, increased borrowing, liquidity decrease the adverse financial situation. Rental vehicle will be effective in avoiding these risks.
Four, improved cost
If the rental car, used a car know the car costs can reduce unnecessary transport. Improve cost effectively.
Five, traffic accidents, the leasing company can help
Driving purchases the vehicle in the event of accidents, tend to waste a lot of time and money. Professional rental companies usually have good relations of cooperation with insurance companies, must have a significant advantage.