Car rental Guide
Holiday travel are many, and rent a car people will continue to increase, the following are some of Zhengzhou introduced universal car rental car rental process and matters needing attention:
Call 1, book a car, available models, car time, rental stores, days; first book need to provide some personal information and so on.
2, time for my car to go to the book store, account executives will help you with car rental procedures.
3, you first need to show documents, rent and security deposit required for car rental (rental companies need to have a guarantor); the clerk will give you a "car rental registration form", the front is the lessee of relevant information, and information about the car rental, the back is leasing contract, require the lessee signing on both sides. There is a "supplementary agreement" also needs to be signed.
4, the clerk will take you on the grid, on a "vehicle transfer form" marked on the car body scratches and some parts of the car. Lessee sign-out to sign, and then you can drive away.
5 return the car, you need to drive safely until, if encountered during traffic accidents or traffic accidents, please contact with the company, the company sent someone to repair or change.
6, time for my car, drove to the store, your needs with sales, vehicle, see if body scratching, auto parts are complete. After checked and confirmed, you need to "vehicle transfer form" was signed. Sales hit a "statement", you need to sign, then the clerk will take the deposit and mortgage documents returned to you.
Considerations when renting:
1, rent a car, you should first understand the want to rent cars performance, price and rental car documents required.
2, when booking by phone requires that you leave detailed information has been prepared for a rainy day.
Book best 3, 1 or 2 days in advance, booking vehicles require 2 or 3 days in advance of the weekend.
4, with the number of days should be the minimum number of days, such as insufficient advance telephone renewal.
5, when all the documents required, most documents are originals.
6, after browsing the contents of the contract carefully before signing contracts before signing.
7, departure and return vehicle should look, confirm that is correct and then sign the document.
8, driving a car, pay attention to safety.
9, once an accident happens, you should inform the relevant Department as soon as possible, be sure to have a traffic accident judgment proof or safety Committee. Both of which insurance claims must be proven. Insurance must be notified in the first time, no more than 24 hours at the latest.