Car rental Guide
Car rental as the today's popular car way to save money, not just fashion, can enjoy car rental service. Rent a car how do save money?
Concern offers
All major car rental companies, all kinds of promotional activities in the non-peak season, to attract users to rent a car. Car rental network in Shenzhen, in the major festivals, such as 51, 11 promotional activities launched. It can be said that car rental network in Shenzhen, car rental there must be preferential, but see if you can find.
Become a site member
All major rental car companies in order to retain customers, usually for customers to apply for membership, but for fewer rental car customers don't necessarily have all the company's membership. Therefore, the platform as a member of the portal site is necessary. Car rental network in Shenzhen, members can enjoy a discount of 65 percent-85 percent.
Car lease and wants
Different models, prices, of course, are not the same. In General, families because of economic considerations, you can choose economy such as elegant homes, affordable cars such as Peugeot; if the road is long, you can select a high-grade vehicles, ensure travel comfort. In addition, if economic rent service provider on the basis of the latest vehicles purchased, no doubt can make your car rental experience more enjoyable, used the same rent to newer vehicles is a affordable car rental.
Need to be reminded of is that the car rental companies due to the difference in customer orientation, provided by type of vehicles is also different. Normally, vehicle lease period will be divided into daily, monthly or longer lease, long lease, car rental companies generally are given discounts.
Their own fuel surcharge-free
Usually, car rental amount in the are not including gasoline fee, and toll, and parking fee, various costs, car rental service oil fee of paid usually has three species form, a is also front by rent Guest itself will tank added full; a is will not added full oil of car open back car rental company, and to its paid not full part of oil fee; a is using vehicles Qian prepaid a barrels oil of money. Tenant court said, it is best to use the first way, because after two car rental companies an additional service fee.