Car rental Guide

in recent years, car rental business has developed rapidly, and by rental cheat car crime is also increasing, while car rental management system of the company there are many loopholes, which brings certain risks to the car rental industry.

46 Xing Xiaohua has not a proper job and was idling. Gambling and debt due to gambling debts of more than 300,000 yuan.

a chance opportunity, Xing Xiaohua heard car rental cars and low prices to sell, can be "rich". No money to pay him. In May 2009, Xing Xiaohua disguised as businessmen, xinxing road, first to a nearby car rental line, after the pay 5000 Yuan to ensure the credibility of gold, price 3000 Yuan a month to rent a car in Santana. Soon, Xing Xiaohua as promised to return the car. So "work" twice, Xing Xiaohua trusted by the rental store owner, and said that 2009 car rental you can not pay credit deposit. The third time, two cars rented Ville Xing Xiaohua, Santana, and then "evaporate". He sold more than 70,000 yuan rental car directly run. Then do the same with Xing Xiaohua, Beichen District after a car rental rent a xiali car sold, and all the money used to pay off debt and profligacy in the gambling.

received a report of Beichen economic investigation team police the Internet in pursuit. Recently, the cooperation of the police in Yunnan province, fled to the local Xing Xiaohua was arrested and escorted back to Tianjin. At present, Xing Xiaohua has been detained for alleged fraud.

learn from the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau economic investigation Corps in recent years, Tianjin Hong Qiao, Nankai University, car rentals market fraud occurred in regions such as Hebei, involving hundreds of thousands of Yuan. Through the case, and in the car rental industry regulatory issues and vulnerabilities also emerged in the car rental market.

the reality: see cheats how to cheat

police listed all Xing Xiaohua modus operandi. First, dress up, set up false "credibility." Starting from May 2009, Xing Xiaohua made photocopies of his son, disguised as boss, to establish credibility. Second, the small "WINS", and line fishing. Xing Xiaohua at the time of rental, pay small rental car, never owed to leasing, pretend that they abide by the rules. Third, the down East up the West, serial fraud. To repay the loan, Xing Xiaohua cheat money back behind the front of the payment, and lie again to return back the money payments, and so on.

experts suggest that the leasing company should strict audit checks of the car rental business, improve the system, enhance awareness of self protection, and strengthen the management of customers, trying to prepare and avoid losses.