Car rental Guide
For consumers without a car, self-driving tour seems very far away. Not so, now select travel is economical and affordable, was welcomed by many people.
It is understood that rent a car there are many ways to save money now. Experts suggested that the first move: to become a member. If you often rent a car trip, and are unwilling to pay the high rental deposit, become a member of the car rental company is the best choice, in addition to the free deposit, also won a number of concessions services, including rental, free home delivery, membership rewards.
Second trick: use a credit card. Most car rental companies accept credit cards, cardholders are exempt from deposit is still relatively small, but pay a deposit with a credit card are still avoiding the inconvenience of large cash transactions. In addition, credit card holders are more likely to rent a car, car rental procedures easier.
The third move: book in advance. All regular car rental offers a free booking service, cancel the reservation is usually not cost. Advance benefits primarily ensure the right car in rental season rent on time. If when you pick up the car at that price even cheaper than booking, you can also price request to the car rental company, they would be taken into account.
Part IV: their own fuel. Petrol is not included in rental amount, although car rental company on the car before the lease is up, but if you're using consumption per litre are required during the vehicle purchase. Recommends that the car itself will fill up the tank, instead will not fill up the drive back to the car rental company and paid under part of the gas. Is that car rental companies can avoid additional service fees.