About Us

Jinan quick car leasing, for all sectors of the community to provide wide range of long-term, short-term and timing leasing, driver service for enterprises and institutions and foreign agencies in Zheng offers a full range of corporate, commercial vehicle solutions.

the existing series of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Buick series, series of Guangzhou Honda and Passat series, series of Santana, Jetta series and various wagon Jinan Jinan, car rentals, car rentals, car rental company, car rental network in Jinan, Jinan, Jinan rental car companies, car rental in Jinan, Jinan Jinan rental cars, car rental self drive, price what good, Jinan, Jinan rental car rental car. We have a wealth of experience and a good sense of service team of drivers,

will drive our well equipped fleets on the road gives you a clean, comfortable, elegant environment.

we provide you with Jinan, Jinan and surrounding areas with various vehicle services suitable to your needs.

services include: airport transfers, tourism, commercial, Government, meetings, weddings, dinners, at night, and so on.

our development is inextricably linked to the help and support of our customers, and constantly improve the innovation of our services at the same time, we want to hear your voice, is criticized, is encouraged, and your support is the biggest driving force behind our development. We would like to rent a car can become a bridge for us to establish long-term friendship, through our sincere services, open up a better future together with you. Our company has always adhered to the highest efficiency to provide customers with the best service, we sincerely hope--the effort to let you travel without borders again.